Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Karlskoga gig and some Van chaos

Last weekend we had a gig at Klubb Perfektion (Wiktoria), a great club in Karlskoga. It was surprisingly big with three big dance floors. One Irish section, one “Svenne”-section and one pop/rock section.We ate in the irish section, danced in the svenne section and played in the pop/rock section. The back stage room was tagged by many great bands and artists such as Lutricia McNeal, E-type and Lilli&Sussi and less known bands such as Mötorhead and Backyard Babies.We truly liked the place and especially the stage that was formed in a way so we could climp on the speakers. We like to climb on things and we plan to build big pedistals for the future. After the gig we danced with the locals from Karlskoga, great people! When the club closed there was a big fight. Of course we didn’t participate, but it was crazy and amazing to discover that people actually survives kicks in their heads. Keep on kickin’, you’ll survive it! Then we had a great pool party at our hotel.

On our way home, our new Chevy Van broke down. We were stuck in Jönköping with a damaged cooler system and since this was at 11:30 p.m. the cute girl at the gas station was our big hero nr. one. But since she couldn’t help us we had to call a towcar, and the handy man (our hero nr. 2!) helped us a lot. We finally came home at 10 a.m, 18 hours after we started.

Check out the video for some visuals!

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